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I took recursion theory with Rogers just after his book came out (or as it came it— I remember working from his typescript?). A simply marvelous teacher and human being. I’ve never worked through a course’s material so thoroughly or happily before or since. I second Joe Shipman’s sentiments.

> On Jul 20, 2015, at 4:15 PM, Joe Shipman <JoeShipman at aol.com> wrote:
> In my first term at MIT Rogers lectured for 18.02 (multivariable calculus )which was the first college math course I ever took. his lectures were irreproachable. Only years later did I appreciate how careful and thorough they were: unlike with many other courses, my basic understanding of the material never changed in any significant way because I learned it completely correctly the first time.
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>> The sad message below was just sent out to the MIT Mathematics Department.
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>> It is my unhappy duty to inform you all of the passing of Hartley Rogers Jr. Hartley died Friday morning after a long illness.  He was comfortable and at peace, and we, his family, were with him.
>> Hartley was an important figure in the department and at MIT.  He was a student of Alonzo Church working in Recursion Theory.  His book Theory of recursive functions and effective computability” is a classic.  Please take a look at his biography at the site below to get a little feeling of the large impact he has had here at MIT.
>> http://math.mit.edu/directory/profile.php?pid=225
>> I will pass on information regard memorials and was you can honor Hartley'’s memory if you wish at a later time.
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