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 The word "pathological" appears also in physics, for example, in field

 For example, Kerson Huang in "Quarks, Leptons & Gauge Fields" (2nd
edition, World Scientific), cites the paper of T. D. Lee and M.
Nauenberg, Phys. Rev. Vol. 133B, 1549 (1964), where the Authors have
written that massless spinor electrodynamics is a pathological theory,
i.e. in this theory, the elements of its matrix "S", are infinite. 

 Furthermore, Andrzej Staruszkiewicz, in his paper "Quantum mechanics of
the electric charge" (published in "New Developments in Quantum Field
Theory", edited by Poul Henrik Damgaard and Jerzy Jurkiewicz, Kluwer
Academic Publishers 2002), has written about, among others, so-called,
Dirac's "pathological" representation. 

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On 2015-08-22 01:50, Martin Davis wrote: 

> Everywhere continuous nowhere differentiable functions were once regarded as pathological. At least since fractals have entered mathematical discourse, they are commonplace. 
> I suspect that the concept of "pathological" is social rather than mathematical. 
> Martin 
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