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In our Lecture Notes Series by Institute for Mathematical Sciences, 
National University of Singapore, we have published 4 volumes in 
conjunction with "Asian Initiative in Infinity (AII) Graduate Logic 
Summer School".

These titles are:
1) Forcing, Iterated Ultrapowers, and Turing Degrees
2) Slicing the Truth
3) E-Recursion, Forcing and C*-Algebras
4) Notes on Forcing Axioms

The AII Graduate Logic Summer School was held annually from 2010 to 
2012. The lecturers were Moti Gitik, Denis Hirschfeldt and Menachem 
Magidor in 2010, Richard Shore, Theodore A. Slaman, John Steel, and W. 
Hugh Woodin in 2011, and Ilijas Farah, Ronald Jensen, Gerald E. Sacks 
and Stevo Todorcevic in 2012. In all, more than 150 graduate students 
from Asia, Europe and North America attended the summer schools. In 
addition, two postdoctoral fellows were appointed during each of the 
three summer schools. These volumes of lecture notes serve as a record 
of the AII activities that took place during this period.

For sample chapters, kindly visit 


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