[FOM] Call for Papers: Frontiers of Non-Classicality: Logic, Mathematics, Philosophy

Maarten McKubre-Jordens maarten.jordens at canterbury.ac.nz
Mon Aug 17 21:09:39 EDT 2015

Frontiers of Non-Classicality: Logic, Mathematics, Philosophy

Auckland, New Zealand, 2016
January 26: tutorials
January 27, 28, 29: talks

In the 21st century, there are many logics. Many of them have already or are becoming independently viable frameworks, with mathematical and philosophical ideas that go beyond the ambit of classicality. The aim of this conference is to bring together the state-of-the-art in non-classical programs, to clarify their conceptual and technical base, and to look to the future -- to set the agenda for the next phases of research. Topics may include:

  *    Advances in non-classical mathematics (set theory, arithmetic, analysis, topology, algebra, geometry...)
  *    Advances in non-classical philosophy (paradoxes, metaphysics, philosophy of mathematics...)
  *    Automated theorem proving for non-classical theories
  *    Methodology (e.g. non-classical meta-theory); logical pluralism, monism, relativism...
  *    Different approaches (fuzzy, paraconsistent, constructive, linear, reverse mathematics...)
  *    Advances in non-classical logic (proof theory, semantics, substructural logic...)

A published volume of papers is anticipated. Some funding may be available to help contributing speakers attend. Contributions from under-represented groups is highly encouraged.

At a time when work is ever more interdisciplinary, collaborative, and open minded, we hope this meeting helps the next century in logic be even more fruitful than the last.

Confirmed speakers so far (in alphabetical order):

  *   Douglas Bridges (Canterbury)
  *   Petr Cintula (Czech Academy of Sciences)
  *   Edwin Mares (Victoria)
  *   Graham Priest (CUNY)
  *   Greg Restall (Melbourne)
  *   Helmut Schwichtenberg (Munich)
  *   Kazushige Terui (Kyoto)

Submissions: we invite abstracts of no more than one page for either a talk or a tutorial. Send to zach.weber at otago.ac.nz<mailto:zach.weber at otago.ac.nz> or  maarten.jordens at canterbury.ac.nz<mailto:maarten.jordens at canterbury.ac.nz>

Deadline for submissions: October 15

Notification of acceptance (or not, sorry): November 15

Website: http://sites.google.com/site/fnclmp/

Supported by the Marsden Fund, Royal Society of New Zealand.

Organizing committee:
Zach Weber (Otago)
Maarten McKubre-Jordens (Canterbury)
Patrick Girard (Auckland)

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