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First Call For Participation

HaPoC 2015: 3rd International CONFERENCE on

October 8-11, 2015, Pisa, Italy
  http://hapoc2015.di.unipi.it <http://hapoc2015.di.unipi.it/>

*** Early Registration until September 6, 2015 ! ***

This is an invitation to attend the 3rd International Conference on
the History and Philosophy of Computing (HaPoC 2015). The conference
brings together researchers interested in the historical developments
of computers and their sciences, as well as those reflecting on the
sociological and philosophical issues springing from the rise and ubiquity
of computing machines in the contemporary landscape.  The conference is
composed of 30 research presentations, with no parallels sessions, and 6
invited talks from renowned experts in the relevant fields.

The conference will take place in Pisa, the cradle of Italian
computer science: here the first Italian computers were designed in the
mid-Fifties and the first Master course in informatics was established
in 1969. The Museum of Computing Machinery (Museo degli Strumenti per
il Calcolo), part of the University of Pisa, shows some artefacts
from the early days of Italian CS, as well a selection of personal
computing machines. Besides its artistic attractions, among them the
world-famous leaning tower, during the days of the conference Pisa
will host the Internet Festival, devoted to all the aspects of the net

Invited speakers
Nicola Angius, Universita' di Sassari
Lenore Blum, Carnegie Mellon University
David Alan Grier, IEEE & George Washington University
Furio Honsell, Universita' di Udine
Pierre Mounier-Kuhn, CNRS & Universite' Paris-Sorbonne
Franck Varenne, Universite' de Rouen

Visit http://goo.gl/ubgl2E
<http://hapoc2015.sciencesconf.org/resource/page/id/5> for a list of the

Accepted Talks
The list of accepted abstracts can be found at _http://goo.gl/BTJsTC_

The conference will take place in Pisa, at the Museum of Computing
Machinery. Additional information can be found at http://goo.gl/APJPff

Registration information
Registration is required to attend. You may find all the information
concerning the registration fee at http://goo.gl/j0mZMV

Grant Application
By registering for membership to the HaPoC commission you can apply
for a grant of up to 400 EUR which can be used to partially fund
your participation to HaPoC 2015.
Applications should be sent before August 15.
All information available at: http://www.hapoc.org/node/124

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