[FOM] UNILOG'2015 5th World Congress and School on Universal Logic, Istanbul, Turkey

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Since 2005 UNILOG has been a major event in logic, dealing with all aspects
of logic and gathering researchers from all over the world such as Michael
Dunn, Hartry Field, Jaakko Hintikka, Wilfrid Hodges, Saul Kripke,  Dov
Gabbay, Yuri Gurevich, Roberto Casati, David Makinson, Jan Wolenski,
Stephen Read, Krister Segerberg, Gerhard Jaeger, etc.

The 1st edition was in Montreux, Switzerland (2005), the 2nd in Xi'an,
China (2007), the 3rd  in Lisbon, Portugal (2010), the 4th  in Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil (2013). The 5th edition will happen in Istanbul, Turkey,
June 20-30, 2015.

In UNILOG'2015 there will be a school with about 30 tutorials followed by a
congress with many workshops and invited speakers.
As in  previous editions there will also be a contest (The Future of Logic)
and a secret speaker (a speaker whose identity is revealed only at the time
of her/his/its talk).

The tutorials of UNILOG'2015 will provide a serious background for a
general knowledge of the logical world
They are divided into three categories:
1) History of Logic: the logic of Aristotle, Leibniz, Kant, Hegel, etc.
2) Logic and XXX: Logic and Music, Logic an Colours, Logic and Nonsense,
Logic and Information, Logic and the Theory of Relativity, etc
3) Theorems: Compactness theorem, Completeness theorem, Lindström theorem,
Gödel's incompleteness theorem,  etc

During the congress there will be an amazing variety of workshops
- Philosophy of non-classical logics
- Representation and reality: humans, animals and machines
- Computational Creativity, Concept Invention and General Intelligence -
- Connexive Logics
- Logic and the Web

And as in previous editions there will be a book exhibition with the main
Springer, Cambridge, Oxford, etc
Will be launched in particular the book "The Life and Work of Leon Henkin"
edited by M.Manzano, I.Sain and E.Alonso

Welcome to Istanbul for UNILOG'2015
5th World Congress and School on Universal Logic
A good  opportunity to develop your reasoning capacities!
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