[FOM] 538: Progress Pi01

Harvey Friedman hmflogic at gmail.com
Sat Sep 6 23:31:25 EDT 2014

#82 - #84 are fully operational.

#82,#84 are frequently being updated, although we expect most of the
updates going forward to be for #82.

We have been seeing what additional simplifications can be made if we
maximize solutions to purely universal conditions, rather than
maximize squares, roots, and cliques. Thus in these versions, we are
using stronger hypotheses, and so we are able to get simpler
conclusions - for independence from ZFC.

PROPOSITION 1. Every purely universal condition on subsets of
Q[-n,n]^k has a maximal solution whose sections at (0,...,n-1) and
(1,...,n) have the same negative part.

PROPOSITION 2. Every purely universal condition on regressive partial
f:Q[-k,k]^k into Q[-k,k]^k has a maximal solution with f(0,...,k-1) ==

Here == means "both sides are equal or both sides are undefined".
Recall that a purely universal condition is a universally quantified
Boolean combination of inequalities in just <, without constants.

THEOREM 3. Propositions 1,2 are provably equivalent to Con(SRP) over WKL_0.

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