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A points position on a line is an essential property of a point despite it being relational, hence it must be counted a property.
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> If one doesn't wish to go to a hierarchy of predicate variables, and 
> is prepared (largely ignoring 1st/2nd-order distinctions) to treat 
> objects and properties on the same footing, then Leibnitz' law has an 
> interesting "dual" form, which might be useful.


> [all x,y]  x = y  <=>  [all P] Px <=> Py

If true, a line has only one point, because all points share their properties.


> [all P,Q]  P = Q  <=>  [all x] Px <=> Qx

If true, "having a unique successor" is identical to "having a unique prime decomposition" (when x is a natural number variable).

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