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Subject: Re: [FOM] consistency of NF?
Steve, It's 50-odd pages and i learnt of it only a matter of days ago.
Randall has had a quick look at it and will no doubt reply to this query.
Jamie Gabbay (he is always Jamie, never Murdoch) is a former student of
mine; he has picked up the type theory and NF background - and of course he
knows all the FM stuff from his nominal sets work - so it is in principle
entirely credible that he should find a consistency proof for NF. I am
spending august and september in Boise with Randall and the project is for
me to really understand Randall's proof and - now! - for us both to
understand Jamie's. Watch This Space.

On Jun 21 2014, Stephen G Simpson wrote:

 Murdoch Gabbay (http://arxiv.org/abs/1406.4060) has published a proof
> of the consistency of NF.  Has anyone here understood and/or checked
> the proof?
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