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Trends in Logic XIV

8-11 Jul 2014
Gent, Belgium

Trends in Logic XIV

Entia et NominA workshop

Ghent University, Belgium, July 8-11, 2014

The Road Less Travelled

Off-stream applications of formal methods


July 8, 2014

Luc Bovens - Selection under Uncertainty: The case of Affirmative Action at the Shortlisting Stage

Mathias W. Madsen - An Epistemological Meditation on the Bias-Variance Tradeoff

Richard Pettigrew - Accuracy-First Epistemology

Dustin Wehr - Challenges and examples of rigorous deductive reasoning about socially relevant issues

Fabien Schang - A Structural Semantics for Multimodal Oppositions

July 9, 2014

Gabriela Pigozzi - Logic in Group Decisions

Leszek Wronski - Updating credences in light of fragmentary evidence - problems for minimizing global expected inaccuracy

Joanna Golinska-Pilarek & Taneli Huuskonen - Grzegorczyk's Non-Fregean Logics

Maciej Sendlak - A Note on Counterpossibles and Similarity

July 10, 2014

Katie Steele - Model Selection Methods & the 'Use-Novelty' Criterion

Clayton Peterson - Action logic and compact closed categories

John Horty - Common Law Reasoning

Marek Czarnecki, Michal T. Godziszewski & Dariusz Kalocinski - Low Sets and Limiting Recursion meet Church's thesis

Yacin Hamani - Bringing the interrogative model of inquiry to the multi-agent case: A DEL-style approach

July 11, 2014

Diderik Batens - On Pitfalls of Defeasible Methods

Norbert Gratzl - Kanger's Deontic Logics

Roberto Ciuni & John Horty - Two Logics for Normal-Form Games and their Extension to Uncertainty

Massimiliano Carrara, Daniele Chiffi & Davide Sergio - A Multimodal Pragmatic Treatment of the Knowability Inference

James Trafford - Rationality, Consequence and Inference

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