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Dear Members 
Philosophia Scientiæ invites contributions for the following special Issue in English and/or French language. 
Abstract proposal: Two pages max, free editing before 31 Dec. 2014

1564-2014. Homage to Galileo Galilei. History and Historical Epistemology of Sciences within Iuvenilia-Early Galilean WorksSpecial issue of Philosophia Scientiæ 21(1) (February 2017)Guest editors: Raffaele Pisano (France), Paolo Bussotti (Germany)Abstract submission deadline: 31-12-2014  è
Notification of abstract acceptance: 25-01-2015 Full paper submission deadline: 01-01-2016Final notification: 01-07-2016Final version due: 01-09-2016Fees: No
 450 years passed from Galileo’s birth (1564, 15 of February). A Special Issue proposal emphasizing scientific, historical and epistemological aspects of Iuvenilia–Early Galilean works is necessary as a tribute to his birth. Therefore, a Call for papers concerning history, epistemology and historical epistemology of sciences is proposed:
MAIN TOPICSGenerally, the word Iuvenilia is reserved for Galileo's works in the initial pages of first volume of Favaro's edition (Galilei 1890-1909, I, pp. 7–178). According to the outlined panorama, we propose to extend the word Iuvenilia (it is the general title cited in Edizione Nazionale: Galilei 1890-1909, I, p. 7, p. 9; pp. 7–178) to the whole production of Galileo published before the Sidereus Nuncius, in 1610. We are hence referring to the content of the first two volumes of the Galilean Edizione Nazionale: i.e., De Caelo, La Bilancietta, Theoremata, De Sphaera et Cylindro by Archimedes, De motu (Ivi, I), and to Le mecaniche, early mechanics, statics, equilibrium etc. and to two pseudo Galilean non-autographed Fortifications works (Ivi, II).    Thus, before Sidereus Nuncius, we like to consider all these contributions as Iuvenilia (and their heritage) given the coherence of the subjects as far as their practical character is taken into account.
Galilei G (1888). Per la Edizione delle Opere di Galileo Galilei sotto gli auspice di S. M. il Re d’Italia. Esposizione e Disegno di Antonio Favaro. Tipografia di G. Barbèra, Firenze.
Galilei G (1890-1909). Le Opere di Galileo Galilei Edizione Nazionale sotto gli auspice di Sua Maestà il Re d’Italia. Favaro A (ed). Tipografia di G. Barbèra, Firenze

AREAS/DISCIPLINESHistory of physics; History of mathematics; History of engineering; History of science; Philosophy of science; Historical epistemology of science; History of science and technology; Epistemology of science; Foundations of science; Physics; Astronomy/Cosmology; Mathematics; Engineering; Machines & Machinery; Logics.
CRITERIAAbstract submission: Two pages, free editing: Title, Name, Affiliation, Email, Keywords + references list, all within two pages maximum.All submitted papers, which meet the criteria of originality and quality, will be peer–reviewed for the publication. The papers are expected to be revised (in the contents, editing and English) prior to submission to this Philosophia Scientiae Special Thematic Issue.  Manuscripts should be submitted in French or in English, and prepared for anonymous peer review after your abstract acceptance.
Abstracts in French and English of 200-300 words in length should be included.Articles should not exceed 50,000 characters (spaces and footnotes included).Please send submissions to: pisanoraffaele at iol.it
Guidelines for authors are to be found on the journal’s website: http://philosophiascientiae.revues.org/633
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------------------------------------------------------------------------Philosophia Scientiæ is a journal of peer-reviewed research in analytic philosophy, epistemology, and history and philosophy of science. It is particularly concerned with topics arising in mathematics, physics, and logic, but is open to contributions from all scientific fields.It is published by Kimé Editions (Paris).the Editorial Board (phscientiae-redac at univ-lorraine.fr)
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Past Officer (2006-2012) The European Society for the History of Science

Gillispie CC, Pisano R (2014) Lazare and Sadi Carnot. A Scientific and Filial Relationship. Springer, Dordrecht


"Thought does not respect national frontiers. Yet scientific ideas are far from stateless citizens". (Thackray, A. (1970). Atoms and Powers. Cambridge MA: The Harvard Univ. Press, p. 4, line 4).
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