[FOM] Identity of isomorphic structures

Ian Grant ian.a.n.grant at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 8 18:40:38 EDT 2014

Dear FOM

This is a particular interest of mine, and I would like to comment,
but I find that the article in question is available only to

  Pay per View - If you would like to purchase short-term access you must have a
     personal account.  Please sign in with your personal user name and password
     or Register to obtain a user name name and password for free. You may
     access this article for 1 day for US$38.00.

Unfortunately I do not have $38.00 to spend on this. I live in
Bolivia, and I do not have a credit card. The relevance of Bolivia is
that here $40 will pay the rent for a student's accommodation for one

This is but one instance of a more general problem. In Bolivia we have
no access to JStor. So we cannot read Church's 1940 paper on the
Simple Theory of Types, for example.  A more general question still
is: what is the value of peer review if it results in restricted
availability of the work?

If anyone on this list is inclined to support our campaign to allow
free access to historic papers on JStor, then please send me an email
indicating your sympathy, and with any suggestions you may have for
ways forward. I promise not to forward your e-mail address to anyone
else, and not to send more than one document summarising the results.

Ian Grant

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