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To all Association CiE members:

Important dates for the 2013 CiE Elections and CiE 2013 in Milan -

(1) The deadline for submission of Informal Presentations at CiE 2013 is
Friday 31st May, 2013. See:

(2) Early registration for CiE 2013 ends on Thursday 31st May, 2013. To
register, please go to:

(3) The deadline for nominations to the Association CiE Board is Monday
3rd June, 2013.

This year, the two members of the CiE Board to be elected at the time of
the CiE AGM on Thursday 4th July, 2013, will both be elected as officers
of the association. The current holders of the positions:

** CiE Conference Series Steering Committee (CS-SC) Chair, and

** CiE Membership Secretary

are coming to the end of their terms of office. Nominations are invited
for the election to these positions.

For current Board membership see:

Any member of the Association CiE can be nominated for election to the
Board. A valid nomination from the membership requires a nomination by 10
CiE members. Each nomination (stating for which position)  should be sent
to: s.b.cooper at leeds.ac.uk

(4) Any member of CiE may propose a motion for discussion at the AGM.
These should be sent to s.b.cooper at leeds.ac.uk, with a deadline of Friday
14th June, 2013.

Best wishes

Barry Cooper
for Association CiE

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