[FOM] Re]: FOM Digest, Vol 122, Issue 12 Re: A proo f that ZFC has no any omega-models (Joe Shipm an)

Jaykov Foukzon jaykovfoukzon at list.ru
Sun Mar 3 16:44:24 EST 2013

 On Thu,  28 Feb  201 ,   Timothy Y. Chow wrote:
>Again, allowing me to caricature the situation for simplicity, I'd say 
>that the objection is this.  If the sequence of approximations is not 
>believed to converge, then this looks like "cheating" to an outsider.  I 
>compute the first approximation, and it's not so good.  So I compute the 
>second approximation, and it's better, but still not great.  I compute the 
>third approximation, and wow!  It matches to 10 digits.  I collect my 
>Nobel Prize and conveniently forget to mention that if I had computed the 
>fourth approximation, it would have matched only 5 digits.

Nevertheless there are very rigid criteria following from postulates axiomatic QFT, allowing reliably to exclude the above-stated arbitrariness.
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