[FOM] 4th School on Universal Logic - Good Friday March 29, Rio de Janeiro

jean-yves beziau beziau100 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 1 06:21:10 EST 2013

In 4 weeks - Good Friday March 29, 2013
will start the 4th School on Universal Logic, part of UNILOG'2013
This is an exclusive event with 28 courses on all aspects of logic
ranging from erotetic logic to categorial logic
through quantum cognition, logic for the blind, hybrid logic, hypersequents,
indian logic, algebraic logic, ideospheres, etc.
given by the best specialists from all around the world
This school is open to anybody interested in logic
students, pos-docs, researchers, professors
It will happen in one of the most beautiful places on earth:
the Sugar Loaf, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
World Congress and School on Universal Logic
Montreux 2005 - Xi'an 2007 - Lisbon 2010 - Rio 2013
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