[FOM] FOM Digest, Vol 122, Issue 12 Re: A proo f that ZFC has no any omega-models (Aatu Koskensilta )

Jaykov Foukzon jaykovfoukzon at list.ru
Mon Feb 25 04:40:03 EST 2013

>Quoting Aatu Koskensilta ( aatu.koskensilta at uta.fi )
>>However principle V=M might be, the axiom that ZFC has no  
>>omega-models is certainly neither natural nor principled. It's just  
>>another way of saying ZFC is not arithmetically sound, after all! (And  
>>as Robert Solovay notes, can't be true in any well-founded model.)
>On the other hand a postulate that ZFC has omega-models, _has not_ under itself of any real bases. It simply version of religion and no more that. But this postulate much to my regret also the false.

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