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What does that mean, precisely?

Are you interpreting "asymptotic" to mean that a value is assumed to exist, but the relationship of the series to the value is not convergence, but is rather "the sum of the first N terms differs from the value by less than the size of the Nth term"?

Under this interpretation, the series provides an interval of positive width within which the value lies, and that's all, and the physical theory is inherently incomplete and imprecise. 

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On Feb 24, 2013, at 4:37 AM, Jaykov Foukzon <jaykovfoukzon at list.ru> wrote:

Joe Shipman wrote:

> If my account is correct, then even the supposedly well-established 
> theory of Quantum Electrodynamics does not have a valid mathematical > foundation, because it unjustifiably assumes convergence of the relevant 
> series.

No. Convergence of the relevant series is not supposed.There on many weaker assumption of that is made: this series is gives asymptotically decomposition on degrees of small parametre alpha

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