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(to the moderator, Im sending this from Thomas because
Thomas cannot convince FOM to accept mail from his smartphone)

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I am indeed organising an NF meeting in Cambridge in the spring, current
intention is last week of march and first week of april. The idea is that
before Randall arrives there will be a warm-up act wherein the background
and some preparatory material is set out for people who are not already
familiar with it. Thus when Randall arrives we will all be primed and ready
to go. The plan for the immediate future is that I will read through
Randall's pdf with my Ph.D. students.
I am not at this stage soliciting other offers of talks, tho' that may
change. If you have something you think I may find irresistible by all
means try to twist my arm. And - of course - contact me if you want to come.

Sincerely, Randall Holmes

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