[FOM] A potentially embarrassing claim

Randall Holmes m.randall.holmes at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 15:41:49 EDT 2012

Dear colleagues,

At this point I believe that I am in possession of a fairly accurate
outline of a proof of the consistency of New Foundations.

I'm not ready to release the document yet; it needs serious editing.  I
will be presenting it to a seminar locally in Boise.

I had the basic idea at the NF 75th workshop in March and have been working
on it since.

NF has the same consistency strength as TST + Infinity, has the same kinds
of extensions as NFU in the same ways, has no interesting consequences for
the combinatorics of small sets, etc.  No surprises, this is a rather
boring outcome in my opinion...

Details available when ready.

Thomas Forster is organizing a conference next spring at Cambridge at which
I would certainly be discussing this.

Sincerely, Randall Holmes

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