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Dear Colleagues,

Speaking of provability logic, does anyone know about this paper?

A new proof of the fixed-point theorem of provability logic.

Lisa Reidhaar-Olson
Source: Notre Dame J. Formal Logic Volume 31, Number 1 (1989), 37-43.

Do people in provability logic nowadays make use of the result in any way?

All the best,

Juliette Kennedy

Quoting "Richard Heck" <rgheck at brown.edu>:

> On 05/17/2012 06:19 PM, Craig Smorynski wrote:
>> Aatu Koskensilta quoted me on the issue of who first realised that  
>> Löb's Theorem for a theory T is equivalent to the Second  
>> Incompleteness Theorem for all finite extensions of T to the effect  
>> that I side with Boolos in crediting Kripke.
>> [snip]
>> In any event, there was Boolos's crediting Kripke, which I wrote to  
>> him about, feeling it smacked more of hero-worship than scholarship.
> George wasn't really one to worship heroes, though he and Kripke  
> were good friends, having first met, I believe, in Oxford in 1962-63.
> Many years ago now, George and I were having lunch at a restaurant  
> in Harvard Square, One Potato, Two Potato, which is now gone. George  
> told  me that it was at the very table at which Gerald Sacks and  
> Burt Dreben then happened to be sitting, not far from us, that  
> Kripke had showed him this argument in 1966, and that it was in  
> large part that conversation that had sparked his interest in  
> provability logic.
> Richard Heck
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