[FOM] Logical Number Theory II

Craig Smorynski smorynski at sbcglobal.net
Sat May 19 13:22:32 EDT 2012

Since coming out of hiding and posting the announcement of my Adventures in Formalism, I am getting queries about Logical Number Theory II. The fact is that it is written and I have to do the typesetting. It was my first foray into LaTeX and I fear I will have to redo what has already been typeset now that I have typeset 4 other books, almost 5 as I near completion of my current project, and am beginning to know what I am doing. I find it is much less daunting to start another project and typeset a book as I write it section by section. Also, writing an opinion-laced history of, say, elementary probability theory is much less inhibiting than writing about Gödel's Theorems and being plagued by doubts about the readability of the tedious details of the arithmetisation of syntax. I really fear Logical Number Theory II is just plain boring.


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