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Dear Colleagues/Students,

Southern California Logic Group is organizing  a graduate summer school in
set theory to be held June 25 through July 6 at the UC Irvine Campus. The
topic of the summer schools is

Large Cardinals, Inner Models and fine structure.

The link to the school homepage can be found at  http://math.uci.edu/~mzeman

The idea is to make a very intensive school where both students and
instructors will give presentations and where discussions will be held to
work on problems. The topics will will cover both the theory and
applications of fine structural inner models. The level  will depend on
the pool of participants and will be chosen in order to fit the
participants background to the best possible extent. The general idea is
to start with small models and move gradually up as far as the time
permits.  As a prerequisite, standard graduate course of set theory is
necessary. Basic knowledge of forcing is preferable, but not absolutely

The school is able to provide full support to US citizens and permanent
residents. I am also looking for funding for foreign students, but foreign
students may need funding from their universities or advisors.

I would be very grateful if you could help spread this message among all
graduate students who may be potentially interested and to set theorists
who may have interested students.

I would be also very grateful if students who consider attending contact
me as soon as possible, preferably by April 20, even if they have not made
final decision by that time. This would help me to estimate the number of
participants as well as to set up the program -- by learning about their
set theoretic background -- and also organize housing.

Please do not hesitate to contact me and ask questions if you have any.

Martin Zeman

P.S.: I apologize if you receive multiple copies of this message

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