[FOM] Book on the history of logic

Moktefi amirouche.moktefi at gersulp.u-strasbg.fr
Thu Mar 3 09:29:40 EST 2011

I do not remember well the original request but if the purpose is to 
look for an introductory text, I recommend the long and detailed 
"Encyclopedia of Philosophy" entry on the History of Logic, first edited 
by Arthur N. Prior in 1967 (I think), with an updated edition few years 
ago. It is mainly factual but is still the best introduction to the 
history of logic that I can think about.

Of course, if you look for further readings, you will need to use one of 
the many books mentioned earlier in this list, of which I particularly 
recommend Ivor Grattan-Guinness' "Search for Mathematical Roots" on the 
recent period and the "Handbook for the History of Logic" series more 

I would like to add that there two French textbooks on the history of 
logic, that I recommend for teaching purposes, and which are quite 
The first is Robert Blanche's classic "La logique et son histoire" 
updated by Jacques Dubucs in 1996.
The second is Jean-Pierre Belna's "Histoire de la logique" (2005). It is 
much shorter (and maybe too "simple") and can thus be used as an 
introductory text before going further with Blanche and Dubucs' book.


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