[FOM] Herb Enderton

George McNulty mcnulty at mailbox.sc.edu
Fri Oct 29 15:28:48 EDT 2010

I arrived in Berkeley as a first year graduate student in 1967.  It was 
my good fortune that Herb Enderton was teaching the first year graduate 
logic sequence that year. Enderton conducted the class with good cheer 
and great clarity.  One measure of the merits of the class might be seen 
in those who were my fellow students (at least as I recall it): Ron 
Fagin, Bill Wadge, Len Sasso, Richard Ladner, John Baldwin, Steve 
Givant,...with Julia Knight as our grader.

Over the ensuing decades I taught undergraduate logic and set theory 
courses with the help of Enderton's books (always the prime choice).

Herb Enderton did us all proud.

George McNulty

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