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Association for Automated Reasoning (AAR) Newsletter No. 87 is now 
available at:


(follow the link to the Latest Newsletter)

with the following contents:

     * From the AAR President, Larry Wos...
     * Maria Paola Bonacina follows Franz Baader as President of CADE
     * Herbrand Award: Call for Nominations
     * Conferences
           o VSTTE'10, Verified Software: Theories, Tools and Experiments
           o CSL 2010, Computer Science Logic
     * Workshops
           o LfSA'10, Logics for System Analysis
           o PAAR 2010, Practical Aspects of Automated Reasoning
           o EMSQMS 2010, Evaluation Methods for Solvers and
	    Quality Metrics for Solutions
           o VERIFY 2010, Intl. Verification Workshop
           o Lococo 2010, Workshop on Logics for Component Configuration
           o WING 2010, Workshop on Invariant Generation
     * Special Issue of Studia Logica on Logic and Natural Language
     * Positions
           o PhD Stipends in Copenhagen: Models and Logics for
	    Verification and Analysis
     * Abstract of PhD thesis: Automated Discovery of Inductive Lemmas

The AAR Newsletter welcomes contributions from all members: brief
technical articles, reports of experiments, open problems (both
empirical and theoretical), presentations of systems, abstracts of
theses, announcements of conferences, workshops, special issues, and
books, reports on conferences and workshops, and open letters,
discussing issues of general interest in the AR community.

Please send your contributions to Martin Giese, AAR Newsletter Editor,
at martingi at ifi.uio.no

For previous issues of the newsletter and information about the AAR,
please see http://www.aarinc.org/

Please help the AAR keep its records current by reporting changes
of e-mail address and affiliation to the secretary of the AAR,
Wolfgang Ahrendt (ahrendt at chalmers.se).

	Martin Giese
(Editor of the AAR newsletter)

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