[FOM] elementary references on foundations of math and science

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Also Aki Kanamori's 'The Mathematical Development of Set Theory from
Cantor to Cohen' contains several interesting remarks.

2010/4/28 Marc Alcobé <malcobe at gmail.com>:
> Concerning justification in math I would suggest (I do not give the
> full citations because they are easily found in the Internet):
> Penelope Maddy 'Believing the axioms, I and II'
> Joan Bagaria 'Natural Axioms of Set Theory and the Continuum Problem'
> Patrick Dehornoy 'Recent progress on the continuum hypothesis (after Woodin)'
> Richard Zach 'Hilbert's program then and now'
> Jeremy Avigad & Erich H. Reck 'Clarifying the nature of the infinite'
> 2010/4/27 John Baldwin <jbaldwin at uic.edu>:
>> I am involved in a professional development project for high school
>> math and science teachers. One goal is to contrast the notion of
>> `justification' in math and science.
>> 1) Please suggest papers on this topic that are accessible to secondary
>> school math and
>> science teachers.  (There will be a logic course for math teachers in
>> addition to joint workshops so treatments solely of math are relevant).
>> 2) Does anyone know good examples of survey instrument on attitudes
>> towards foundations of mathematics and science that might be useful for
>> evaluating progress in this group?
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