[FOM] elementary references on foundations of math and science

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Concerning justification in math I would suggest (I do not give the
full citations because they are easily found in the Internet):

Penelope Maddy 'Believing the axioms, I and II'
Joan Bagaria 'Natural Axioms of Set Theory and the Continuum Problem'
Patrick Dehornoy 'Recent progress on the continuum hypothesis (after Woodin)'
Richard Zach 'Hilbert's program then and now'
Jeremy Avigad & Erich H. Reck 'Clarifying the nature of the infinite'

2010/4/27 John Baldwin <jbaldwin at uic.edu>:
> I am involved in a professional development project for high school
> math and science teachers. One goal is to contrast the notion of
> `justification' in math and science.
> 1) Please suggest papers on this topic that are accessible to secondary
> school math and
> science teachers.  (There will be a logic course for math teachers in
> addition to joint workshops so treatments solely of math are relevant).
> 2) Does anyone know good examples of survey instrument on attitudes
> towards foundations of mathematics and science that might be useful for
> evaluating progress in this group?
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