[FOM] LaTeX (not just for) for Logicians

Peter Smith ps218 at cam.ac.uk
Sun Apr 18 04:14:31 EDT 2010

Dear all

(Do please bounce on this email to your local grad students: if ours are 
anything to go by, LaTeX is increasingly widely used by philosophy grads, 
and not just the logicians.)

This is just to announce that LaTeX for Logicians has had its long-promised 
and long-overdue refresh.

1. The pages now have their own stable URL, www.latexforlogicians.net (use 
this for links in future).

2. Everything has been ported to a WordPress-driven site, which should make 
it much easier to maintain in future; the pages have also been somewhat 
reorganized and the links checked.

3. There's some though not a lot of new content. All suggestions for 
additions, improvements, and corrections will be gratefully received (mail 
to peter_smith AT me dot com).

Cheers, Peter S.

Dr Peter Smith: Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge


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