[FOM] blind logicians and mathematicians

Klaus Grue grue at diku.dk
Thu May 21 16:30:45 EDT 2009

> Here is a somewhat unconventional question: is anyone aware of there 
> being or having been professional blind logicians or mathematicians? (Of 
> a certain standing, of course.) I mean literally blind, or severely 
> visually impaired as the politically correct term has it.

Googling Joseph Plateau gave this:

Wikipedia -> List of blind people -> Mathematicians and scientists:

* Gustaf Dalén - Swedish inventor and Nobel Prize winner, who 
continued to make inventions and lead his company despite being blinded in 
an accident.

* Bernard Morin - topologist from France.

* Abraham Nemeth - Developed Nemeth Braille for blind students in 
science and math.

* Joseph Plateau - Physicist who went blind at forty-two when he gazed 
too long at the sun. After his blindness his scientific work diminished, 
but did not entirely end.

* Nicholas Saunderson - English mathematician who went blind at the 
age of twelve months, held in high esteem by Isaac Newton.


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