[FOM] Paris-Nancy PhilMath Workshop (P-NPMW), October 21-22, 2009, Nancy

Mark van Atten Mark.vanAtten at univ-paris1.fr
Mon May 11 06:38:15 EDT 2009


Paris-Nancy PhilMath Workshop (P-NPMW), October 21-22, 2009, Nancy

Next October (21--22) a workshop in the philosophy of mathematics will 
be held at the University of Nancy 2. The provisional name of the 
workshop is the Paris-Nancy PhilMath Workshop (P-NPMW). This is 
envisioned as the first in a continuing, annual series of workshops 
organized by a team of scholars from Paris, Nancy and elsewhere in 
France. The two day meeting will feature both invited and contributed 
talks. The invited speakers, who have confirmed their participation, are:

1. Harvey Friedman, Dept. of Mathematics, The Ohio State University
2. Volker Halbach, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford
3. Michael Potter, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge
4. Shahid Rahman, Dept. de Philosophie, Universite Lille 3
5. Stewart Shapiro, Dept. of Philosophy, The Ohio State University & 
University of St Andrews
6. Hourya Sinaceur, Université Paris I/CNRS

There will be five contributed talks (Languages: English/French). We 
encourage all interested persons to submit papers for presentation at 
the workshop. Presentations should be no longer than 45 minutes, with a 
30 Min period of discussion to follow each. We wish to make it clear 
that younger scholars, including those working on their PhDs, are 
particularly encouraged to submit papers. The workshop is intended to 
provide an unusually rich opportunity for younger scholars to discuss 
their work with experts from around the world. The deadline for 
submission is July 31st. Receipt of submissions will be acknowledged by 
e-mail. A committee will read and evaluate all papers (full text) 
submitted by that date and will return a notice of decision by September 
15th. The papers should be sent by email in DOC, RTF, or PDF format to 
the following address: p-npmw at univ-nancy2.fr
Whether or not your paper is selected for inclusion on the program, we 
hope you will join us for what looks to be an excellent workshop.

Steering Committee: Michael Detlefsen, Jacques Dubucs, Sébastien Gandon, 
Gerhard Heinzmann, Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz

Program Committee: Michael Detlefsen, Marco Panza, Gabriel Sandu, Ivahn 
Smadja, Mark van Atten

Local Organizing Committee: Gerhard Heinzmann, Manuel Rebuschi, Olivier 
Schlaudt, Frédérick Tremblay, Joseph Vidal-Rosset.

May, 5: call for paper
July 31: deadline for submission of papers
September 15: notification of acceptance

Support: Chaire d’excellence (senior) Michael Detlefsen 

Contact: p-npmw at univ-nancy2.fr

13 rue du Four, F-75006 Paris, France
tel ++ 33 (0)1 43 54 94 60
fax ++ 33 (0)1 43 25 29 48

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