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Wed Mar 18 11:30:18 EDT 2009

Forwarding. Vladik
Special Issue of Studia Logica:
The Contributions of Logic to the Foundations of Physics


Further to the Studia Logica International Conference Trends in
Logic VI, held in Brussels on December 11 - 12, 2008, we
cordially invite you to submit a paper for a special issue of
Studia Logica devoted to Logic and the Foundations of Physics.

We specifically, though not exclusively, invite contributions
on the following topics:

- The use of techniques originating from classical logic, modal
logic and multi-dimensional modal logics, spatial logic,
dynamic logic, temporal logic, epistemic logic, linear logic
and other resource-sensitive logics, intuitionistic logic, game
logics, process algebras, co-algebraic logics, categorical
logics, many-valued logics, quantum logics etc. to formalize
physical theories or to reason about their concepts, phenomena
and/or applications.

- Logical techniques used in quantum information theory,
including quantum computation, quantum communication, quantum
cryptography and quantum programming.

- Philosophical contributions on the meaning of concepts such
as truth, consequence, completeness, implication and (quantum)
information viewed at the interface of Logic and Physics.

- Open problems in modern physics, soliciting new techniques
from logic, computation or information theory.

- Explorations on how to use new formal methods in combination
with insights and interpretations in the philosophy of physics
to yield new perspectives on the main foundational issues and
open problems in modern physics.

- Answers to the questions: "What can physics learn from
logic?" and/or "What can logic learn from physics?"


Submitted papers should not exceed 20 pages (including
bibliography), and should be formatted according to the Studia
Logica LaTeX style (see Information for Authors at the Studia
Logica website http://www.studialogica.org/). Only electronic
submissions prepared with this style file will be considered.
The authors should send an e-mail with subject "Studia Logica
Submission" to Sonja Smets (sonsmets at gmail.com) with the file
of the paper in attachment (attach both the "tex" and "pdf"
files), and give the following information in the body of the
mail in plain text: paper title, author names, surface mail,
e-mail address and phone number of the contact author and a
short abstract.


All papers will be refereed according to the standards of the journal.

On Behalf of The Guest editors:

Diederik Aerts, Sonja Smets and Jean Paul Van Bendegem

PDF version of this CfP is available at

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