[FOM] origins of completeness in modal logic

Sara Negri negri at mappi.helsinki.fi
Fri Mar 6 05:02:39 EST 2009

Another very useful reference for the history of modal logic is:

Goldblatt, R. (2005) Mathematical modal logic: A view of its  
evolution, Handbook of the History of Logic, vol. 6, D. Gabbay and J.  
Woods (eds), Elsevier.

My recent paper "Kripke completeness revisited" (to appear in  
G.Primiero, S. Rahman (eds.),  "Acts of Knowledge - History, Philosophy
and Logic", College Publications, 2009(expected))
presents a rereading of Kripke original completeness proofs, the  
emergence of Henkin style completeness proofs for modal logic, and a  
completeness proof closer to Kripke's original proof for labelled  
sequent systems for modal logic.


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