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Alain Badiou is by now the most famous  philosopher in France and he has a lot of interest for mathematics.
In his book "L'être et l'événement"  he considers that  Cohen's forcing is the most important event for philospohy in the XXth century. Good news.
Badiou is fond of mathematics and despite the fact that is not a mathematician in the sense of André Weil  - to have proven at least one non trivial mathematical theorem  - I am sure that he really understands mathematics and is able to give a very intersteing perspective about mathematics.
I will rather called him a "Big Cat" than a "Chap".

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   I imagine most listmembers who have heard of this chap  share my
suspicions.   Does this chap know enough mathematics for his views
on foundations to be of interest? Or is this just a case of fools
rushing in where angels fear to tread?  However I have recently had
my ear bent by a very able former student of mine who says there is
something in it and i should have a look. Take a squiz at this recent
review of his:


  Does anyone have any useful thoughts on this matter..?


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