[FOM] A textbook on logic with natural deduction

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Thu Dec 3 02:55:49 EST 2009

> Andrej Bauer wrote:

>> Can
>> someone recomment a good textbook or available lecture notes that are
>> written in natural-deduction style (trees, not proof boxes, I know I
>> should have used boxes... but it is too late for this year)?

I understand you need something quite elementary, and not tableaux,  
but just ordinary Gentzen-style natural deduction in tree form (?).

There isn't  really an ideal book, as far as I know.

Neil Tennant's Natural Logic is likely a bit too advanced, but the  
chapter on natural deduction may still be readable and useful.

I know Volker Halbach (Oxford) is working on a book of this type, see
see esp. lecture 6

There are some links here, under "Natural deduction"

I recall that, as a student, I myself found helpful the chapter  
"Systems of Deduction" by Göran Sundholm, in Handbook of Philosophical  
Logic (vol 1 in the 1st ed., vol 2 in the 2nd ed.)

Best, Panu

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