[FOM] The characteristic S5 axiom and the ontological argument

Alex Blum blumal at mail.biu.ac.il
Fri Apr 10 04:45:07 EDT 2009

Vaughan Pratt wrote:

> From a mathematical standpoint I find it remarkable that those in 
>possession of an argument for the existence of something seem to be able 
>to get unique existence out of the same argument.  Plantinga has made a 
>career of creating God from logic and statistics.  If, as he argues, it 
>is likely that an entity exists meeting our criteria for godliness, then 
>it would seem even more likely that there are say a hundred of them than 
>one, and more likely still a thousand.
Not sure. If numbers are necessary beings then we have an example of 
there being an infinite number of necessary beings. But in our case, the 
question of consistency comes up as a result of requiringfor the 
purported existent being to have a set of properties(e.g.,omnipotence) 
which may rule out the possibility of there being more than one such 
necessary being.

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Alex Blum


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