[FOM] First edition of The Russell-Whitehead Principia

Allen Hazen allenph at unimelb.edu.au
Sun Sep 7 03:31:51 EDT 2008

As to what edition Quine read, he recounts in his autobiography that his
mother bought him all three volumes of PM when he was a student: this would
have been after the publication of the second edition, but Mrs. Quine hunted
for bargains, so I suppose might have gotten an old copy from a second-hand
bookseller.  Quine's personal copy might now be in the Harvard library, so
if someone checks there...

(Reply to David Auerbach) Katherine Pyne (now, I think, Adelman), though not
primarily a logician, made contributions to logically (or at least
semantically) oriented philosophy of science early in her career.  I can
well imagine she would teach a stimulating introductory course.

Allen Hazen
University of Melbourne

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