[FOM] A paper on constructibility, computability and predicativity

Arnon Avron aa at tau.ac.il
Wed Mar 19 14:51:42 EDT 2008

   A new paper mine, "Constructibility and Decidability versus
 Domain Independence and  Absoluteness", is published next month
 in Theoretical Computer Science (vol. 394, 2008, 144--158),
 but it should be (I believe) of more interest to people on FOM
 than to computer scientists. The paper is available from
 Here is the abstract:
 We develop a unified framework for dealing with constructibility
 and absoluteness in set theory, decidability of relations in
 effective structures (like the natural numbers), and
  domain independence of queries in database theory.
 Our framework and results suggest
 that domain-independence and absoluteness might be the key notions
 in a general theory of constructibility, predicativity, and

Arnon Avron

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