[FOM] CiE 2008 - accepted papers, informal presentations, participation

Arnold Beckmann A.Beckmann at swansea.ac.uk
Thu Mar 6 06:15:02 EST 2008

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    Computability in Europe 2008: Logic and Theory of Algorithms
                  University of Athens, June 15-20 2008

1) List of accepted papers
2) Call for informal presentations
3) Call for participation

1) Accepted papers

The list of accepted papers can be found at

2) Informal Presentations

There is a remarkable difference in conference style between
computer science and mathematics conferences. Mathematics
conferences allow for informal presentations that are prepared
very shortly before the conference and inform the participants
about current research and work in progress. The format of
computer science conferences with pre-produced proceedings
volumes is not able to accommodate this form of scientific

Continuing the tradition of past CiE conferences, also this 
year's CiE conference endeavours to get the best of both worlds. 
In addition to the formal presentations based on our LNCS 
proceedings volume, we invite researchers to present informal 
presentations. For this, please send us a brief description of 
your talk (between one paragraph and half a page) before

                         30 April 2008.

Please submit your abstract via our Submission Form, now online
You will be notified whether your informal presentation has been
accepted before 15 May 2008.

Let us remind you that there will be three post-conference 
publications of CiE 2008, see
All speakers, including the speakers of informal presentations, 
are eligible to be invited to submit a full journal version of 
their talk to one of the post-conference publications.

3) Registration for CiE 2008 is now open:
The early registration deadline is

                         4 May 2008.

You can also use the registration process to book accommodation.
Please note that the current prices as listed on our website
are only guaranteed until 31 March 2008.

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