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EACSL - The European Association of Computer Science Logic
September, 2007

2007 Ackermann Award of the EACSL
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The Jury of the Ackermann Award has
decided to give the 2007 Ackermann Awards to

 	Dietmar Berwanger 
 	RWTH Aachen (Advisor: Erich Graedel)
 	Thesis: Games and Logical Expressiveness

 	Stephane Lengrand
 	Universite de Paris VII and University of St. Andrews
	(Advisors: Delia Kesner and Roy Dyckhoff)
 	Thesis: Normalization and Equivalence in 
	Proof Theory and Type Theory

 	Ting Zhang
 	Stanford University (Advisor: Zohar Manna)
 	Thesis: Arithmetic Integration of Decision Procedures

I would like to congratulate the recipients and their
supervisors for their excellent theses.

Previous Ackermann Award recipients were:
2005: Mikolaj Bojanczyk, Konstantin Korovin, Nathan Segerlind;
2006: Stefan Milius and Balder ten Cate;

The Jury consisted of
S. Abramsky, J. van Benthem, B. Courcelle, M. Grohe,
M. Hyland, J. Makowsky, D. Niwinski, A. Razborov.

The Award Ceremony took place during the CSL'07 Conference.

A detailed report is published in the CSL'07 Proceedings.
I would like to thank all the Jury members for their work.

J.A. Makowsky
President of EACSL
and chairman of the Jury

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