[FOM] [3WFTop]: Third Workshop on Formal Topology, Second Announcement

Peter Schuster pschust at mathematik.uni-muenchen.de
Fri Feb 16 13:49:00 EST 2007

3WFTop Second Announcement


Padua (Italy)

7-8 May 2007 tutorials (Dept. of Math.)
9-12 May 2007 workshop (Accademia Galileiana)
13 May 2007 social excursion (for those who stay)

See the web site http://www.3wftop.math.unipd.it/ for news on:
- submission of papers (deadline March 15)
- registration (early registration before March 31; note that there are some
grants for students and young researchers)
- program (preliminary version)
- accommodation
- social program (see also a photographic tour of Padua)

A copy of the the first announcement follows:

This is the third of a series of successful meetings on the
development of Formal Topology and its connections with
related approaches. The first two have been held in Padua,
1997, and Venice, 2002.

For more information on 3WFTop see

What is formal topology

When topology is developed in a strictly constructive way,
for instance over Martin-Loef's type theory, points cannot be
given primitively and the pointfree approach is fundamental.
This is the reason why it is called formal. Formal topology
has now become an important tool in constructive mathematics.

More on formal topology:

Invited speakers

Invited speakers include Andre' Joyal, Per Martin-Loef and
many other prominent scholars:


Before the workshop, two days of extensive and coordinated
tutorials are planned, given by Bernhard Banaschewski and
other pioneers: http://www.3wftop.math.unipd.it/tutorials.html


If you wish to be kept updated with information about 3WFTop,
please send an e-mail to:  fortop at math.lmu.de  with
KEEP ME UPDATED in the subject.

The Scientific Committee

Thierry Coquand    Giovanni Sambin    Peter Schuster

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