[FOM] The Square of Opposition - Extended Deadline

BEZIAU Jean-Yves jean-yves.beziau at unine.ch
Fri Feb 16 06:05:38 EST 2007

The Square of Opposition - International Congress
Montreux, Switzerland, June 1-3, 2007

This will be the first international congress dedicated entirely to the square of opposition, considered in its various aspects. 
There will be talks by the best specialists of the square and this will be also an interdisciplinary event gathering people from various fields : logic, philosophy, mathematics, psychology, linguistics, anthropology, semiotics. Visual and artistic representations of the square will also be presented.
Invited speakers include Pascal Engel, Laurence Horn, Saul
Kripke, Terence Parsons, Pieter Seuren, Jan Wolenski.

The extended deadline for submission of contributed papers is March 1st 2007.  Any contribution related to the square is welcome.

For further information, visit the website below:

http://www.square-of-opposition.org <http://www.square-of-opposition.org/> 


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