[FOM] ESARLT workshop at CADE-21 - CFP

by way of Martin Davis <martin@eipye.com> geoff at cs.miami.edu
Thu Apr 19 12:09:05 EDT 2007

                           Call for Papers

                    Submission Deadline - 7th May

The  CADE-21  Workshop on Empirically Successful Automated Reasoning  in  Large
Theories  (ESARLT)  will bring  together  practioners  and researchers  who are
concerned with  the development and application of automated reasoning in large
theories - theories in which ...
     + There are many axioms
     + There are many predicates and functors
     + There are many theorems to be proved from the axioms
     + There are many theorems that are provable from a subset of the axioms
The workshop will  discuss only "really running" systems and applications,  and
not theoretical ideas that have not  yet been translated into working software.
Submission of papers for presentation at the workshop, and proposals for system
and application demonstrations at the workshop, are now invited. The submission
deadline is 7th May. Full details are available at:

The Journal of Symbolic Computation has agreed  to a special issue based around
around the topic of the ESARLT workshop.  The special issue will target  ESARLT
participants, but will also also accept submissions from the broader community.
A call for papers will be made after the workshop papers have been selected.

                         The $100 Challenges

The MPTP $100 Challenges are examples of  automated reasoning problems in large
theories.  The winners will be announced at the  ESARLT workshop.  Full details
are available at:

The Modal Logic $100 Challenge  can be an example  of automated reasoning  in a
large theory. The winner will be announced at the ESARLT workshop. Full details
are available at:

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