[FOM] "Grammar and Sets" paper?

Hartley Slater slaterbh at cyllene.uwa.edu.au
Fri Oct 20 20:42:48 EDT 2006

Bill Taylor asks

>Earleier this year, it was announced:
>>  the paper "Grammar and sets"
>>  by Hartley Slater, to appear in the Australasian Journal of Philosophy.
>Has this paper appeared yet?

I do not know why this question was not addressed directly to me, or 
the answer looked up on the AJP's public website.  But the question 
is also rather odd because the AJP is currently edited at Canterbury 
University in New Zealand, where Bill Taylor works.  The paper did 
appear, of course, in April  this year - see volume 84, pp59-73.

I have subsequently written a companion piece, 'Natural Language 
Sets', with ABSTRACT: Oliver and Smiley have tried to demonstrate how 
irreplaceable plural predications are, by showing in particular that 
certain plural predications cannot be handled in terms of sets, or 
any other kind of singular object.  This paper points out some 
grammatical facts bearing on the adequacy of the current mathematical 
account of sets, and also, therefore, on the adequacy of Oliver and 
Smiley's defense of their account of plurals.

A copy is available on request.

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