[FOM] conference: Calculability and Constructivity: Historical and Philosophical Aspects

mark van atten Mark.vanAtten at univ-paris1.fr
Fri Oct 20 06:09:00 EDT 2006

The following announcement I send on behalf of Jacques Dubucs.
Best wishes, and see you in Paris,

Dear Colleagues,

I inform you that the Joint Session of the two Divisions of the International
Union for History and Philosophy of Science is planned in Paris, November
17-18, at the Ecole Normale Supérieure. The thema of the conference is:

  Calculability and Constructivity: Historical and Philosophical Aspects.

More information on the website of the conference:



Jacques Dubucs
Directeur de l'IHPST
(UMR 8590, CNRS/Paris I/ENS)
13, rue du Four, 75006 Paris
Tel: (33) (0)1 43 54 60 36
Fax: (33)(0)1 43 25 29 48

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