[FOM] Logica Universalis: new journal of logic being launched by Birkhäuser

BEZIAU Jean-Yves jean-yves.beziau at unine.ch
Tue Nov 28 03:59:57 EST 2006

Logica Universalis, New journal of logic being launched by Birkhäuser.
A new journal is now being launched by Birkhäuser. The first issue will be on-line next week and in print by beginning of 2007. The journal will publish papers related to universal features of logics. Topics include general tools and techniques for studying already existing logics and building new ones, the study of classes of logics, the scope of validity and the domain of application of fundamental theorems, and also the philosophical and historical aspects of general concepts of logic.
For further information, visit the website below: 
http://www.birkhauser.ch/LU <http://www.birkhauser.ch/LU> 

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