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                 *** Apologies for Multiple Copies ***


                    1st August to 5th August, 2006

      (Arrival day: 1st August, departure: afternoon of 5th August)

                              Hosted by

             National University of Ireland, Cork, Ireland
           International Information Institute, Tokyo, Japan


The Fourth International Conference on Information, Information'06, and the
Fourth Irish Conference on the Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
and Information Technology'06, MFCSIT'06, will be co-located on the campus
of the National University of Ireland, Cork (NUI, Cork), please see the
conference website for full details:


The National University of Ireland, Cork, or University College Cork (UCC)
as it is more informally known, was once the home of George Boole in the
late 19th Century (he was its first Professor of Mathematics). Today,
building on Boole's legacy, NUI, Cork is well-known amongst Irish
universities and colleges, and abroad, for its concentration of research
effort in Information and Communication Technologies.

The International Conference on Information is an interdisciplinary
international conference series held every two years. Its focus is on
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in a broad sense, and the
applications of these, and thus it provides a forum for all scientists and
practitioners throughout the world to exchange original ideas, research
methods and research results related both to ICT and to the applications of
ICT in various disciplines.  The latter embraces: (A) Mathematical and
Natural Sciences including Neuro Science and Brain Science, (B) Human and
Social Sciences including Law, (C) Agriculture and Engineering including
Aeronautics, (D) Medicine and Life Sciences including Biotechnology, see
http://www.information-iii.org/conf/info2004.html for full details of
subject coverage and for further details of past Information conferences.
The Irish Conference on the Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science and
Information Technology is also an international, interdisciplinary
conference held every two years. The MFCSIT conference focusses on
mathematical and theoretical aspects of ICT and, conversely, with the
applications of ICT to the mathematical sciences. Thus, it concentrates on
issues such as security, coding theory and cryptography, computer algebra
systems in mathematics, correctness (formal methods) and semantics,
foundations of computation (category theory, domain theory, logic, order
theory, and topology in computer science), quantitative aspects of
programming, mathematical aspects of networks, and mathematical aspects of
artificial intelligence, amongst others. Details of past MFCSIT conferences
can be found at https://www.cs.tcd.ie/MFCSIT2004/.

Proposals for papers are now sought in any of the areas relevant to the
conference. Authors are requested to submit an extended abstract of no more
than two A4 pages in PDF, MS-Word or LaTeX format to info-mfcsit at ucc.ie by
17th April, 2006 to be considered for presentation at the conference.
Authors will be notified of the decision by 22nd May. Authors of accepted
presentations should then submit by 19th June a short paper of no more than
four A4 pages in LaTeX format for distribution at the conference.  Submitted
talks will be of 25 minutes duration plus 5 minutes for questions.  The full
Conference proceedings (or a selection thereof) will be published after the
conference in the Information Journal (http://www.information-iii.org/) and
in ENTCS, Elsevier's series "Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer
Science" (http://www.entcs.org/), and all papers will be refereed (please
see the conference website for full details).

A special session is a session of up to three hours and 5-7 speakers
focussing on a single topic. The organizer of a special session invites the
speakers and decides on the topics to be addressed. Proposals for special
sessions should be sent to info-mfcsit at ucc.ie by 17th April, 2006.

Eugene Freuder (NUI, Cork, Ireland) 
Grant Malcolm (University of Liverpool, UK) 
Michael Mitzenmacher (Harvard University, USA) 
Tadao Nakamura (Tohoku University, Japan) 
John Power (Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science, Edinburgh, UK) 
Peter Puschner (Technische Universitaet Wien, Austria) 
Fuji Ren (University of Tokushima, Japan) 
Herbert Wiklicky (Imperial College, London, UK) 
Jungong Xue (Fudan University, Shanghai, China) 
Lei Li (Conference Co-Chair, Hosei University, Japan) 
Fuji Ren (Conference Co-Chair, Tokushima University, Japan) 
Kang K. Yen (Florida International University, USA) 
Jinglong Wu (Kagawa University Japan) 
Baoding Liu (Tsinghua University, China) 
Kunio Oshima (Science University of Tokyo, Japan) 
Yi Pan (Georgia State University, USA). 
Ted Hurley (Conference Co-Chair, NUI, Galway, Ireland) 
Anthony Seda (Conference Co-Chair, NUI, Cork, Ireland) 
Micheal Mac an Airchinnigh (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland) 
Michel Schellekens (NUI, Cork, Ireland) 
Glenn Strong (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland). 

Helen Joustra (NUI, Cork, Ireland) 
Niamh Power (NUI, Cork, Ireland) 
Vladimir Komendantsky (NUI, Cork, Ireland) 
Anthony Seda (NUI, Cork, Ireland) 
Damien Woods (NUI, Cork, Ireland) 

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)
The Chinese Academy of Science and Engineering in Japan
The Department of Computer Science, NUI, Cork.
The Department of Mathematics, NUI, Galway.
The College of Science, Engineering and Food Science, NUI, Cork 
The School of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, NUI, Cork.
Boole Centre for Research in Informatics, NUI, Cork.

(i) Contributed paper proposals          17th April, 2006.
    (two-page extended abstracts)                       
(ii) Notification of acceptance          22nd May, 2006.
      of contributed papers

(iii) Proposals for Special Sessions     17th April, 2006.

(iv)  Final conference manuscripts       19th June, 2006.
      (four-page format)

(v)   Early Registration                 1st June, 2006. 

(vi)  Conference dates                   1st August to 5th August, 2006. 

Please address all queries to  info-mfcsit at ucc.ie

Anthony K. Seda (Co-Chair), March, 2006.


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