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LPAR-13                                               Phnom Penh, Cambodia
http://www.lix.polytechnique.fr/~hermann/LPAR2006/ 13th-17th November 2006

                            2nd Call For Papers

The 13th  International  Conference  on Logic  for   Programming Artificial
Intelligence and Reasoning (LPAR-13) will  be held 13th-17th November 2006,
at the  Hotel Cambodiana, Phnom Penh,  Cambodia.  Submission of  papers for
presentation at the conference is now invited. Topics of interest include:

+ automated reasoning                  + propositional reasoning
+ interactive theorem proving          + description logics
+ software verification		       + hardware verification
+ software testing		       + logic and ontologies
+ proof assistants                     + network and protocol verification
+ proof planning                       + nonmonotonic reasoning
+ proof checking                       + constructive logic and type theory
+ rewriting and unification            + lambda and combinatory calculi
+ logic programming		       + knowledge representation and reasoning
+ modal and temporal logics	       + constraint programming
+ systems specification and synthesis  + logical foundations of programming
+ model checking                       + computational interpretations of logic
+ proof-carrying code                  + logic and computational complexity
+ logic and databases                  + logic in artificial intelligence
+ reasoning for the semantic web       + reasoning about actions

Full  and  short papers are  welcome.  Full  papers   may be either regular
papers  containing    new  results,   or   experimental  papers  describing
implementations or evaluations of systems.   Short papers may describe work
in progress  or provide  system  descriptions.   Submitted  papers must  be
original,  and   not   submitted concurrently   to  a   journal  or another

The full paper proceedings of LPAR-13 will be published by  Springer-Verlag
in the  LNAI series.  Authors of accepted full  papers will be  required to 
sign a form transferring copyright of their contribution to Springer-Verlag.
The short paper proceedings of LPAR-13 will be published by the conference.

Program Committee
   María Alpuente           Technical University of Valencia
   Franz Baader             Technische Universität Dresden
   Matthias Baaz            Vienna University of Technology
   Christoph Benzmüller     Universität des Saarlandes
   Koen Claessen            Chalmers University of Technology
   Javier Esparza           University of Stuttgart
   Berndt Fischer           University of Southampton
   Jürgen Giesl             RWTH Aachen
   Jean Goubault-Larrecq    ENS Cachan
   Erich Grädel             Aachen University of Technology
   Ziyad Hanna              Intel
   Pascal van Hentenryck    Brown University
   Miki Hermann             CNRS and École Polytechnique
   Brahim Hnich             University College Cork
   Ian Horrocks,	    University of Manchester
   Viktor Kuncak            MIT
   Orna Kupferman           Hebrew University
   Christopher Lynch        Clarkson University
   Dale Miller              INRIA Futurs and École Polytechnique
   George Necula            UC Berkeley
   Joachim Niehren          LIFL and INRIA Futurs
   Luke Ong                 Oxford University
   Catuscia Palamidessi     LIX and INRIA Futurs
   Michel Parigot           PPS and CNRS
   Frank Pfenning           Carnegie Mellon University
   Reinhard Pichler         Vienna University of Technology
   Michael Rusinowitch      LORIA and INRIA-Lorraine
   Mooly Sagiv              Tel-Aviv University
   Gernot Salzer            Vienna University of Technology
   Christelle Scharff       Pace University
   Sopheap Seng             ITC Phnom Penh
   Geoff Sutcliffe          University of Miami
   Sophie Tison             LIFL and Université de Lille
   Margus Veanes            Microsoft Research
   Andrei Voronkov          University of Manchester and Microsoft Research

Submission Instructions
Papers must be prepared  using the Springer-Verlag instructions for authors
(http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html).  Papers may  be  up to  15
pages.  If proofs do  not fit in 15 pages,  an appendix with  proofs may be
added. Short papers may be up to 5 pages. Papers must be submitted in plain 
postscript or PDF format, through the online submission system 

Dates and Deadlines:
+ Submission of full paper abstracts           2nd May
+ Submission of full papers                    9th May
+ Notification of acceptance of full papers   10th July
+ Camera ready versions of full papers due     5th September
+ Submission of short papers                  28th August
+ Notification of acceptance of short papers  11th September
+ Camera ready versions of short papers due   25th September

Questions related to submission may be sent to the program chairs, Miki
Hermann and Andrei Voronkov.

		Cambodia ... Land of LPAR and Pagodas

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