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Quoting Harvey Friedman <friedman at math.ohio-state.edu>:

> > You have told *what matters about a set* in completely clear terms,
> > but you haven't said what a set *is*.  There is a hidden assertion
> > that there exist abstract objects with the behavior you describe.
> My recollection is that Piaget's experiments with young children
> show that at an early stage, pinpointed by his work, this kind of 
> thinking is entirely incorporated. 

Such issues, among other things, are disccused in Penelope 
Maddy's 'Perception and mathematical intuition', Philosophical Review 89 
(1980), pp. 163-196. (Reprinted in The Philosophy of Mathematics, W.D. 
Hart, ed., (Oxford University Press), pp. 114-141.)

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