[FOM] "Nonstandard Methods in Mathematics" - NSM2006, Pisa (Italy), May 25-31, 2006

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                 International Congress
                        NSM 2006
"NonStandard Methods and Applications in Mathematics"  
              Pisa, Italy, May 25-31, 2006
             ----- First announcement  ------

                        Scientific Committee:
Vieri Benci (Pisa, Italy), Nigel J. Cutland (Swaziland and York, UK), 
H. Jerome Keisler (Wisconsin, USA), David A. Ross (Hawaii, USA)
Yeneng Sun (National Univ., Singapore) 

Department of Mathematics "Leonida Tonelli", University of Pisa
Department of Applied Mathematics "Ulisse Dini", University of Pisa
                        Chair: Mauro Di Nasso

             WEB: http://www.dm.unipi.it/~nsm2006
                 EMAIL: nsm2006 at dm.unipi.it

                --- DESCRIPTION of NSM2006 ---

This Congress continues the tradition of biennial meetings focused on 
nonstandard methods. While the fields of application of nonstandard 
analysis are diverse, the common methodologies and ideas make it 
appropriate to consider nonstandard methods as a unified mathematical 
field of research. NSM2006 is aimed to:
* Bring together researchers working on nonstandard methods and 
  disseminate information about current developments in the subject. 
* Encourage collaborations and interplay between nonstandard 
  methodologies and their fields of applications in mathematics.

The Congress will take place at the Math. Department of the 
University of Pisa, and will include sessions for plenary talks,
invited talks, and contributed talks focused on the various 
topics related to nonstandard methods (foundations, new methods, 
applications, teaching, etc.) 

 --- INVITED SPEAKERS who have confirmed acceptance include: ---

Sergio Albeverio* (Bonn, Germany); Robert Anderson (Berkeley, USA)
John Bell (Western Ontario, Canada) ; Vieri Benci (Pisa, Italy); 
Imme van den Berg (Evora, Portugal)
Nigel Cutland (Swaziland and York, UK)
Ali Enayat (American University, Washington, USA) 
Marco Forti (Pisa, Italy) ; Evgeny Gordon (Easter Illinois, USA)
Karel Hrbacek (CUNY, New York, USA) ; Renling Jin (Charleston, USA)
H. Jerome Keisler (Wisconsin, USA) ; Roman Kossak (CUNY, New York, USA)
Steven Leth (Northern Colorado, USA) ; Tom Lindstrom (Oslo, Norway)
Peter Loeb (Urbana, USA) ; Wilhelmus A.J. Luxemburg* (Caltech, USA)
Angus Macintyre (Queen Mary University of London, UK) 
Toru Nakamura (Gakushuin University, Tokio, Japan) 
Vitor Neves* (Aveiro, Portugal) ; David Ross (Hawaii, USA)
Tewfik Sari (Haute Alsace, France) ; 
Yeneng Sun (National University, Singapore) ;
Kazuyuki Tanaka* (Tohoku Univ., Japan) ;
Manfred Wolff* (Tuebingen, Germany) ;
Armen Zemanian (Stony Brook University, New York, USA)
[* denotes that the acceptance is provisional]

Registration will start in the early afternoon of Thursday, May 25, 
and an opening plenary talk is provisionally scheduled for the 
evening of the same day. The last session of talks is scheduled for 
the morning of Wednesday, May 31. The social program is in preparation. 
It will include a social dinner in Pisa and a social trip to Lucca 
(an attractive mediaeval town near Pisa)

(this may be expanded, contracted or otherwise modified as 
information from participants becomes available)

1. Nonstandard Theories and Models and Foundations of Nonstandard Methods
2. Nonstandard Methods in Algebra, Algebraic Geometry and Topology
3. Nonstandard Methods in Combinatorial Number Theory
4. Nonstandard Methods in Functional Analysis
5. Nonstandard Methods in Measure Theory, Stochastic Analysis, 
   Probability and Statistics
6. Nonstandard Methods in Dynamical Systems and Control Theory
7. Nonstandard Methods in Differential Equations
8. Nonstandard Methods in the study of Navier-Stokes equations 
   and in Mathematical Physics 
9. Nonstandard Methods in Economics and Finance 
10.Nonstandard Methods and Teaching

        ---  ABSTRACT SUBMISSION  ---

To submit an abstract, attach it to an email to the 
Congress address: 
                nsm2006 at dm.unipi.it 

Please follow these rules:

1. Specify "submission" in the Subject of your email.
2. Abstracts must be written in plain text or LaTeX.
3. Abstracts must fit in one page when processed.
4. Avoid as much as possible the use of your own macros 
   or external packages.
5. In case of multiple authors, please indicate who will 
   present the paper, and include names, affiliation, and 
   email addresses of all authors.
6. Indicate which one of the 10 sessions/topics as itemized 
   above, better describes the subject of your abstract.

The submission deadline is Friday, March 31.

Decisions on the acceptance of submitted abstracts will be 
communicated to the authors by Friday, April 14th.

      ---  PRE-REGISTRATION   ---

People who plan to participate in NSM2006, should pre-register. 
This would much help the organization. Besides, in case of 
restrictions on the number of participants, pre-registered 
people will be given priority.

To pre-register, compile the form below, and send it to the 
Congress address: nsm2006 at dm.unipi.it
specifying "Pre-registration" in the subject.



Name: ..................................

Last name: .............................

Institute/Department: ..................

E-mail: ................................

I plan to submit an abstract:  Yes ... No ...


       ---   REGISTRATION   ---

The registration fee for the Conference is 100 Euros 
before April 21, and 130 Euros for late registration. 

Information about how to register will be given soon
in the next announcement.

        ---   GRANTS   ---

Depending on the funds available, some support will be given 
to young researchers who are willing to present their results.
Information on the application process will be given in 
the next announcement.

Up-to-date information on the Congress will be available 
on the website:  http://www.dm.unipi.it/~nsm2006

Please circulate this announcement to whomever you think
interested in learning about NSM2006

To add your address to the NSM2006 mailing list, send a
message to nsm2006 at dm.unipi.it with Subject: "mailing list".

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