[FOM] Type-Occurrence-Token (from Michael Kremer)

Martin Davis martin at eipye.com
Sat Sep 24 16:29:55 EDT 2005

This is a bit stale-dated, but my first two tries were bounced for
various formatting reasons, and I still think the Pooh quote is worth

In reference to John Corcoran's post about occurrences:

(1)  a relevant article is Linda Wetzel, "What are occurrences of
expressions?" Journal of Philosophical Logic 22 (1993), 215-219.  I
remember thinking at the time that it was pretty good.  But I haven't
read it again in 12 years.

(2)  A favorite related quotation is from A.A. Milne, The House at
Pooh Corner, 7-8

...this is how it begins.  The more it snows, tiddely pom ----"
"Tiddely what?" said Piglet.
"Pom," said Pooh.  I put that it in to make it more hummy.  The more
it goes, tiddely pom, the more -----"
"Didn't you say snows?"
"Yes, but that was before."
"Before the tiddely pom?"
"It was a different tiddely pom," said Pooh, feeling rather muddled
now.  "I'll sing it to you properly and then you'll see."
So he sang it again.
          The more it
          SNOWS-tiddely pom,
          The more it
          GOES-tiddely pom
          The more it
          GOES-tiddely pom
          And nobody
          KNOWS-tiddely pom,
          How cold my
          TOES-tiddely pom
          How cold my
          TOES-tiddely pom

So -- should Pooh be muddled?  In which of your senses is it a
"different tiddely-pom"?

--Michael Kremer

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